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Alban City School

Information and Upcoming Events

This Term - Autumn 2021

This term, lessons start from Monday 6th September.

Lessons take place during the school day on a rotational basis, so that students do not miss the same class lesson each week.

The following individual lessons are currently available:

  • Year 2+:
    • Cello
    • Flute
    • Piano
    • Singing (classical and/or musical theatre) [SORRY, NOT CURRENTLY RUNNING DUE TO COVID RESTRICTIONS]
  • Year 3+:
    • Clarinet
  • Year 4+:
    • Saxophone

If you are interested in these lessons please contact us using the details at the bottom of this page or through our Contact page. We can offer you a trial lesson (which is free if you don't continue) or place you on a waiting list until space becomes available for the trial (even if lessons are not currently available).

There is also a school orchestra which meets once per week and performs concerts a few times each year (this has now restarted this term after being on hold due to covid restrictions).

Next Term - Spring 2022

Next term, lessons will most likely start in the first week of term. Details TBC.

Other Possible Lessons

If you are interested in lessons in other instruments then please let us know. If there is sufficient interest then we may also be able to provide additional lessons, particularly in any of the following:

  • Year 4+:
    • Brass (Trumpet/Trombone/etc)

Violin lessons are also available through the school (separate from SAMA). There are also (non-SAMA) after-school lessons available in Guitar/Drums/Rock&Pop Singing. Music can help and inspire children of all ages, so we would always encourage your children to seek out whichever lessons appeal to them the most and are available for their year group. Any music education will help your child even if they change instruments or focus at a later stage.

Instrument Hire

We offer an affordable instrument hire scheme, which enables students to try out their chosen instrument for a term or two before making a decision to buy. More details are on our Instrument Hire page.

Other Events and Activities

At SAMA, we like to involve our students in a wide variety of musical opportunities and experiences. We hope to offer events such as end-of-term or end-of-year concerts which all our students can get involved with if they wish. These are very informal and friendly events which provide a platform for our musicians to gain confidence performing in public, whilst learning from each other. Friends and families of performers are all welcome to attend and there will be an opportunity to catch up with friends and to meet new people in your community during the interval. If you would like to perform a short piece in our next concert, please speak to your teacher.