St Albans Music Academy

supporting and developing local musical talent

We work with local schools and privately to provide the very best musical tuition and opportunities for musicians of all ages.
We want to encourage our pupils to experience a wide variety of music and to help build a fun and collaborative musical environment in our local town. Our music teachers are highly experienced professional musicians and are keen to motivate new students whether they are beginners or advanced.
Lessons available in-person or remotely via Zoom/Skype

Private Music Tuition

Private Tuition

We provide private individual and group music lessons on a wide variety of instruments in St Albans - including clarinet, flute, guitar, piano, singing and violin.

Local Primary Schools

Local Primary Schools

We offer pupils in-term lessons at a number of local primary schools, including Alban City School, Aboyne Lodge Primary School, Prae Wood Primary School and The Abbey Primary School.

Musical Events and Concerts

Collaboration and Events

We aim to foster a fun and proactive musical culture in the local community through various independent and school-related activities, events and productions.

Instrument Hire

Instrument Hire

We hire a number of different instruments as a route to helping students get started as quickly as possible, including cello, clarinet, flute and keyboard / digital piano.

If you would like to discuss how we can work with you in St Albans please get in contact with us
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